New broadside – The Mad Angler’s Manifesto

Casting display type on the Linotype.


Casting 24pt matrices on the Linotype. Each line of matrices must be hand set and distributed so the matrices are in the typecase in the foreground.

2 thoughts on “casting24”

  1. I composed the matrices from a job case because it is 24pt Lydian (Intertype 5L24) and they wouldn’t run through a magazine very well. As it’s a display face there aren’t that many sorts available to begin with and my longest line ended up at 50 pica – 20 more than a single cast line. So I was casting, cutting slugs, distributing and resetting matrices pretty quickly and putting the font in a job case was far faster than setting it from a galley.

    As long as you’re at it Dick, if you can find some lower case “e” in 24pt Linotype Caslon Italic 335 I’d appreciate as well.

  2. Dick Goodwin said:

    First time I ever saw a line composed from a California job case then cast on a linotype. What is the number of that type that you are short on “h”, I have some odd mats around here, if I have any (and can find them) i’ll send them to you.

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